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MEDLINE Review Application

The National Library of Medicine utilizes an online application form in order to create a more standardized and efficient process for journal reviews/re-reviews. Editors and publishers must use this form to submit pertinent, current journal information electronically. Create a new account or use existing login credentials to edit an existing application or to submit a new application.

Requirements for a journal to be scheduled for review:

  1. MEDLINE Review Application Form must be submitted with all required fields completed.

  2. Submission of recent print issues:
    • Quantity required:
      • If published three or more times a year four print issues are required.
      • If published twice a year or irregularly three print issues are required.
      • If published once a year two print issues are required.
    • Send one copy of each issue; do not send duplicates, supplements, or issues containing all abstracts.
    • Only published issues (i.e., not "proofs", unbound issues, or photocopies) are accepted for the review process.
    • Do not send print versions of articles in electronic-only journals.

  3. Electronic-only journals (see Additional Information Resources below):

    • To be eligible for MEDLINE indexing, electronic-only journals must meet the following conditions of the policy:
      • Provide NLM with XML-tagged data of its bibliographic citations.
      • Provide robust current access to all of its content.
      • Have an acceptable arrangement for permanent preservation of, and access to, the content.

  4. Upon receipt of the required number of recent issues and up until the time of the scheduled review, NLM requests a complimentary journal subscription. This will ensure we have the most current issues available for review. Following receipt of the notification letter after review, the subscription should be canceled. Electronic-only titles will be reviewed from the journal′s Web site, therefore do not submit reproductions of electronic material or print issues.

Send print review issues to:

LSTRC Scientific Review Administrator
National Library of Medicine
Building 38A - Room 4N-419
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD U.S.A. 20894
(301) 496-6921

Additional Information Resources: