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Method Detects Sequence Differences in Individual DNA Molecules by Taking Nanoscopic Pictures Link to external Web site
March 27, 2012 • New York University

Single Molecule Approach Reveals How Helicase Enzyme Helps Repair Damaged DNA Link to external Web site
August 20, 2010 • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

NMR Helps Researchers Take Flexibility of Molecules Into Account When Designing Drugs Link to external Web site
May 19, 2010 • University of Notre Dame

Protein That Acts as a Motor to Shuttle Cargo and Help Cells Divide Moves Like a Seesaw Link to external Web site
February 17, 2010 • Berkeley National Lab

A Nanoscale Mass Spectrometer Link to external Web site
July 21, 2009 • California Institute of Technology

NIGMS-funded physicists have created tiny devices that can determine the mass of a single molecule in real time.

Researchers Watch Neural Proteins Change Shape Link to external Web site
March 16, 2009 • Scripps Research Institute

NIGMS-funded researchers have been able to follow the changing shape of individual alpha-synuclein proteins, which are linked to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

Researchers Observe 'Ratcheting' of Ribosome Molecules Link to external Web site
June 5, 2008 • University of Illinois

NIGMS-supported researchers are the first to observe the dynamic, ratchet-like movements of single ribosomal molecules in the act of building proteins from genetic blueprints.

Physicists Manipulate DNA-Drug Interactions Link to external Web site
May 19, 2008 • Northeastern University

NIGMS-supported researchers have developed a method using optical tweezers to better understand how DNA-drug interactions occur.

The Roles of HIV Reverse Transcriptase Link to external Web site
May 7, 2008 • Harvard University

An NIGMS-funded study used single-molecule fluorescent imaging to trace the role of reverse transcriptase in real time.

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