Implementing the Trial

Managing recruitment and retention is a vital component of overall trial management. As implementation activities are underway, the trial team must keep communications and logistics running smoothly. By using a written Recruitment and Retention Plan, the team will be well-prepared to manage recruitment, retention, promotion, and evaluation activities as well as quickly spot and respond to any major change or recruiting difficulty.


Lifecycle Strategy 1

Communicate regularly with stakeholders and referring providers

Provide specific opportunities to keep everyone up-to-date on accrual and to open the door to helpful input from the team. If accrual is not going well, talk about the difficulties and stay open to suggestions. Effective communication and establishing a rapport are key to keeping referring physicians, community partners, and others positively engaged in recruitment.

Lifecycle Strategy 2

Monitor trial progress and accrual metrics

The Recruitment and Retention Plan and the Evaluation Plan are your tools for monitoring progress. Did you implement your strategies? What were the results? Is your rate of accrual as expected?

Lifecycle Strategy 3

Implement alternative recruitment strategies when accrual milestones are not achieved

If accrual is lagging, first understand why.  Then consider checking the literature for some new ideas and approaches.  Be sure to re-assess at designated time frames.