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Use the interactive mapping tool on this page to locate federally supported youth programs in your community. Search by full address or ZIP code and click Find Programs. If programs are found the location is marked on the map. Click on the marker to see the program title, CFDA number, department, funding agency, recipient name and full address. Results can be filtered by topic and sponsoring federal department. The search engine filters opportunities in for the following CFDA numbers. Visit About the location data to learn about where the data comes from.

Note: Only programs with a street level address are shown on this version of the map. For a full list of federally supported youth programs use the Text-Only Version of this tool.

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Use the Print Screen button on your keyboard to save a copy of the map’s results. Paste the map into a word document, PowerPoint or other program.

To holders of Create a Community Resource Inventory accounts on the website:

The website now includes an improved mapping tool for identifying the federally supported youth programs in communities. If you were a holder of Create A Community Resource Inventory account and have a question, please contact us at or 1-877-231-7843.

To provide input, please contact us at or 1-877-231-7843.