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  • 2010 GPP Retreat Site

    2010 GPP Retreat Site

    The 2010 retreat was held at Rocky Gap State Park in western Maryland.

  • The Beach at Rocky Gap State Park

    The Beach at Rocky Gap State Park

    The retreat focused on science, but provided opportunities to relax as well.

  • Opening Session

    Opening Session

    Drs. Howard Gadlin and Michelle Bennet talk about Collaboration and Team Science.

  • GPP Students at the Opening Session

    GPP Students at the Opening Session

    Saurav from NIMH, Candace from NHLBI, and Atteeq from NIDCD share a table.

  • Oral Presention

    Oral Presention

    Mariel (NIAID) talks about Enrichment and Bioinformatic Analysis of Predicted Hookworm Secreted Proteins.

  • Oral Presentation 2

    Oral Presentation 2

    Sara (NIA) discusses the Role of Cyclooxygenases in Cuprizone-induced Demyelination.

  • Oral Presentation 3

    Oral Presentation 3

    Tim (NIMH) describes the Selective Participation of Single Neurons in Neuronal Avalanches in vivo and in vitro.

  • Evening Break overlooking the Lake

    Evening Break overlooking the Lake

    OITE staff and GPP students get ready for the talent show.

  • Evening Break 2

    Evening Break 2

    The GPP includes students from as far away as China and Sweden and as near as Baltimore.

  • 2010 Talent Show

    2010 Talent Show

    Sharon Milgram's monologue on her TV viewing habits.

  • More Retreat Talent

    More Retreat Talent

    Vania Cao's original lyrics and video accompanied her parody entitled "Haven't Published Yet".

  • And a Magician

    And a Magician

    Katharina Richard prepares to transport Jermaine Ross "through" Montreal.

  • Retreat Group Photo

    Retreat Group Photo

    The faces of tomorrow's science!