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NINR commemorated 25 years of nursing research at the NIH with several special events beginning in the fall of 2010 and continuing into 2011. Our Institute was founded on the belief that nursing science not only deserved a place within NIH, but also that it could contribute in new and distinctive ways to the health care sciences and improve the health of our nation’s people. Reaching our 25th anniversary is not simply a milestone - it signifies the progress and achievement of nursing science.

Please enjoy the video below recapping the anniversary events, and thank you again for a very special year!


As part of the celebration, we planned many events focused on increasing our scientific outreach.

Logo for the Science of Compassion: Future Directions in End-of-Life and Palliative Care Summit Event

The Science of Compassion:
Future Directions in End-of-Life and Palliative Care

August 10-12, 2011
Hyatt Regency Bethesda

2011 Scientific Symposium:
“Bringing Science to Life: A Healthier Tomorrow"

NINR's 25th Anniversary Concluding Symposium: Oct. 11, 2011, Register today!

October 13, 2011
Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill
Washington, DC


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Archive of Past Events

Recaps and videocasts of past NINR 25th Anniversary events.

The NINR History Book

NINR History Book cover

NINR is pleased to announce the publication of our first history book in commemoration of the Institute's 25 years at NIH. The book explores the origins of NINR, the launching of nursing science at NIH, NINR’s advancement from a Center to an Institute, and how nursing science has progressed in the past quarter century.

Download or print the History Book here (PDF, 6.9 MB).

“Bringing Science to Life: A Healthier Tomorrow”
Details on NINR's 25th Anniversary Concluding Scientific Symposium: October 13, 2011. More...
Bringing Science to Life: NINR's 25th Anniversary Symposium
A recap of NINR's 25th Anniversary Scientific Symposium from September 2010. More...
NINR-NIH Clinical Center Joint Conference
On May 12, 2011, NINR and the NIH Clinical Center (CC) are cosponsoring a joint conference on Symptom Mechanisms, Measurement, and Management. More...