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The NIH Common Fund’s Metabolomics program aims to increase national capacity in metabolomics by supporting the development of next generation technologies to enhance the sensitivity and speed with which specific elements of the cellular metabolome can be identified and quantified, providing training and mentoring opportunities, increasing the inventory of chemically identifiable metabolites through the synthesis and availability of high quality reference standards, and by promoting data sharing and collaboration.

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Program Highlights

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  • The NIH Common Fund is taking a comprehensive approach to increasing the research capacity in metabolomics by funding a variety of initiatives in this area, including training, technology development, standards synthesis, and data sharing capability for this new field.
    View the Metabolomics Press Release.

  • The International Conference of the Metabolomics Society met in Washington, DC on June 2012. For conference information visit Exit Disclaimer

  • The National Institutes of Health Common Fund Working Group on Metabolomics organized a workshop on Metabolomics and Translational Research, in the spring of 2011. The goal of the workshop was to help NIH identify and prioritize opportunities to further the use of metabolomics in translational research across the interests of the entire NIH.
    View the 2011 Meeting Report
Learn more about the Metabolomics Community
  • Join the NIH Metabolomics Scientific Interest Group here.

New Program Announcement: Visit here Collaborative Activities to Promote Metabolomics Research (Admin Supp) (PA-13-041) for additional details.

New Call for Pilot and Feasibility Project Applications from Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Cores. More details are here

The NIH Common Fund’s Increasing Metabolomic Research Capacity program components and goals:

Metablomics Comprehensive Metabolomics Resources Cores
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