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Tonya Lee
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Mary Ellen Savarese
Branch Chief
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NIH Back-up Care Pilot Program

Care when you need it most 

The National Institutes of Health has contracted with Bright Horizons to offer the NIH community access to back-up care when they need to be at work and their regular child or adult/elder care is unavailable.

This new program can help when:

§  Your regular caregiver or stay-at-home spouse is unavailable
§  You are transitioning between child or adult/elder care arrangements
§  Your child's regular center or school is closed
§  Your child or adult/elder relative is mildly ill or needs temporary assistance
§  You need care for yourself
The NIH community has access to the following back-up care programs:
§  Center-based child care
§  In-home child care
§  In-home mildly ill child care
§  In-home adult/elder care
§  Self care (when YOU need care)

Register today to ensure peace of mind tomorrow 

You must register with Bright Horizons before you can reserve care.
It is FREE and easy to do. A valid NIH e-mail address is required. 
You can register two ways:
Online at the Bright Horizons website, http://www.backup.brighthorizons.com External Web Site
By telephone at (877) 242-2737.
Need more information?
Please refer to the NIH Back-up Care Program Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have additional questions, please call the NIH Child Care Team at (301) 402-8180.