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NIH Acquisition Management Training Resource Center

I am a Contracting Professional (FAC-C)

Contracting officers are those individuals who are authorized to obligate the Government to the expenditure of funds for contracts and orders with dollar values that exceed (or are expected to exceed) the micro-purchase threshold.  

FAC-C Continuing Learning Points (CLPs)

To maintain FAC-C Certification, 80 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) must be accumulated every two years. The training, professional activities, education and experience used to meet the CLP requirements must be both job-related and related to the FAC-C competencies. Activities may earn CLPs only in the year accomplished, awarded or published. CLPs are equivalent to 1 hour.

CLPs can be earned through educational activities (formal training and formal academic programs), professional activities (attending/speaking/presenting at professional seminars/symposia/conferences, publishing, and attending workshops), and training activities (teaching, self-directed study, and mentoring). Please keep track of your training plans and review with your immediate supervisor. More information is available at

The NIHTC courses and programs linked in the Training section below count towards the OPM/HHS requirements (up to the listed number of hours).

Certification Requirements

  • HHS
  • NIH - Your application can be completed through this site


FAC-C Level I

FAC-C Level II

FAC-C Level III*

  • CON 353: Advanced Business Solutions for Mission Support (or its equivalents/predecessors) AND
  • 2 Electives
  • Buyer Contracts (NBS), NIHTC9515 (Classroom - 24 hours)

Reminder: 80 hours of CLPs are required every 2 years to maintain FAC-C certification.

*The NIHTC does not offer any classes at Level III*

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