Breast Cancer Genes: When the Sequence Is Not Enough

Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are the mainstays of oncology, composing most of the first-line standard of care for virtually all cancers. As newer strategies are introduced into the therapeutic arsenal, particularly for earlier stages of disease, they are almost always tested in addition to, rather than instead of, the standard of care. Not only are these newer strategies proving effective in combination with the older methods, but surprisingly strong synergies are emerging among them. Several CCR investigators are finding ways to exploit these synergies for the benefit of patients. Read the full story »


Letting Sleeping Micrometastases Lie

An Accelerated Program
High school students help accelerate HIV structural biology research.

alt text High Marks for Destruction

Genetic variations boost HIV-killing immune response to slow disease progression.

alt text CliffsNotes for Your DNA

Changing the chromatin binding domain of lens epithelium-derived growth factor changes how HIV reads the host genome.

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alt text The Dual Effects of p53 on Differentiation

The p53 protein promotes differentiation and activates Wnt-mediated anti-differentiation.

alt text Everything in Its Right Place

Researchers identify genes that undergo spatial repositioning in breast cancer cells.

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Research Fellow Karen Meaburn, Ph.D.

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Researchers identify mutations in B cell signaling.