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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Network to Support and Amplify the Reach of Community Transformation Grants. Concurrent with the Million Hearts™ release, CDC is awarding $4.2 million to seven national networks of community-based organizations to support community health promotion. Later this month, CDC will announce another $100 million in grants to empower communities to reduce smoking, improve nutrition and promote blood pressure control. By fostering healthy lifestyles and communities, especially among populations experiencing the greatest burden of chronic disease, Community Transformation Grants will help improve health, reduce health disparities and lower health care costs.

Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Also with the Million Hearts™ release, $40 million in resources will be granted to states to improve health by targeting nutrition, physical activity, and clinical preventive services, as well as promoting education and management for people diagnosed with or at high risk for chronic diseases.

Pharmacy Outreach Project. CDC and its partners will develop educational tools and resources for neighborhood pharmacists to use to enable public education for at-risk populations to stress the importance of staying on high blood pressure medications to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Programs to Reduce Health Disparities. Reducing cardiovascular disease will significantly reduce health disparities. Programs such as the Mississippi Delta Health Intervention, which promotes heart health in both clinical and community settings across Mississippi's 18-county Delta Region, and WISEWOMAN, which helps low-income, uninsured 40 to 64-year-old women reduce their risk for heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases, are pivotal in linking community and clinical practices consistent with the recently released HHS Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.

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