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High Definition ~ January 2009

HIV Imaging and Electron Microscopy:

  • Footage of Electron Microscope
  • HIV images created using electron microscopy
  • An interview with Dr. Sriram Subramaniam, Chief of Biophysics at NCI

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HIV Imaging and Electron Microscopy

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High Definition ~ March 2009

Cancer Vaccine Research:

  • A cancer vaccine lab
  • A mock patient getting a vaccine

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Vaccine Research

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Standard Definition ~ August 1995


  • Pathology Lab
  • Pathology consultation
  • Pathologists viewing breast cancer tumor cells

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Pathology Lab

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Standard Definition ~ May 1996

Natural Products Research:

  • NCI Natural Products Laboratory
  • Natural Products Extraction
  • Natural Products Storage

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Extraction | Storage

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High Definition ~ August 2008

Genome Wide Association Studies:

NCI’s Core Genotyping Facility in Gaithersburg, MD, which conducts Genome Wide Association Studies. Footage shows equipment used in the GWAS labs.

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High Definition ~ May 2012

Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research,
Advanced Technology Research Facility:

  • An LTQ Orbitap Velos Mass Spectrometer in use at the Laboratory of Proteomic and Analytical Technologies;
  • A two-photon scanning microscope in use in the Optical Microscopy and Analysis Lab;
  • A nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer in use at the Laboratory of Proteomic and Analytical Technologies;
  • A 1000 Liter bioreactor in use at the Biopharmaceutical Development Program;
  • A multi-touch table for a prototype of visual imaging collaboration environment at the Advanced Biomedical Computing Center; and
  • A 200 kV transmission electron microscope in use at the Electron Microscopy Lab

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Video Specifications

Most of the standard definition videos were shot on BetaSP tape and digitally transferred at at full resolution (SD). Footage dated after 2008 was shot digitally at high resolution. All video clips are saved as QuickTime movies (.mov).