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Last Updated: 04/25/2012


NCI Translational Research Interactive Network

The TRP, together with the NCI Office of Communications and Education, has created the NCI Translational Research Interactive Network or NTRIN (pronounced “Enter In”), a social media site that allows researchers and administrators interested in cancer translational research to find one another online. Similar to other social media sites like Facebook®, the site includes an opportunity for this community to discuss issues, to exchange information, and to establish collaborations.

NTRIN includes groups, forums, a chat feature, and announcements that are directed to the community at large. The groups include organ-specific cancers, such as skin, prostate, and lung, as well as groups that span organ sites, such as biomarkers and immune response modifiers. A group has been established for each of the six Translational Research Working Group pathways to the clinic ( There is also a group for SPORE administrators to discuss current and relevant information about managing their grants.

There are currently 300 members of NTRIN with more joining every day. To retain the focus on translational cancer research and the sharing of ideas that could lead to collaboration, the network is by invitation only. Researchers interested in joining should contact: