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Nursing Home Compare

Description:Comparitive data on nursing homes that includes demographic data divided into 5 databases: About the Nursing Home, About the Nursing Home Inspection Results, About the Nursing Home Residents, About the Nursing Home Staff, and About the Nursing Home Ratings.

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Medicare Options Compare

Description:Comparison data that contains information on the quality and performance of health plans that offer Medicare Part C and Part D services.

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FluView National Flu Activity Map

Description:An interactive map widget that allows users to see the most recent seasonal influenza activity for the entire country as well as the activity levels from previous weeks in the current flu season.

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Products developed using NIH and FDA inventions

Description:This dataset represents a subset of the products developed by commercial partners using NIH and FDA inventions and technologies

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Medical Expenditure Panel Survey MEPSnet Insurance Component (MEPSnet/IC)

Description:MPS-IC provides annual national and state-level statistics and trends about employer-based health insurance offered by private establishments as well as national and regional health insurance estimates for State and local governments.

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Emergency Response Guidebook Widget

Description:The Emergency Response Guidebook provides information to help responders make informed decisions regarding chemical spills or hazardous materials releases.

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PHE Situation Room Widget

Description:The PHE Situation Room is your one stop shop for situational awareness on issues related to public health emergencies.

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Logo for National Center for Research Resources National Center for Research Resources

Description:Providing laboratory scientists and clinical researchers with the tools and training they need to understand, detect, treat, and prevent a wide range of diseases.

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