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Meet the Mentors

An important goal of the Undergraduate Scholarship Program is for you to develop a mentoring relationship with an NIH researcher. The one-on-one mentor relationship is considered critical to your development, both professionally and personally. The mentor will provide support and advice to guide your development as a biomedical researcher. The NIH mentoring experience is designed to motivate and encourage you as you plan a career in biomedical research.

During the UGSP Summer Program, UGSP Scholars must train with a mentor located on the Bethesda campus. An asterisk (*) indicates that the mentor is NOT located on the NIH campus in Bethesda. While you may not work with these mentors during the UGSP Summer Program, you are welcome to train with them during your postgraduation service obligation to the NIH.

List of mentors who conduct behavioral or social science research (included in table below).

  • Bandettini, Peter A.
  • Grillon, Christian
  • McBride, Colleen
  • Mishkin, Mortimer
  • Nansel, Tonja R.
  • Pine, Daniel
  • Schmidt, Peter
  • Simons-Morton, Bruce

* Indicates the mentor is NOT located on the main Bethesda campus.


Institute-CenterLaboratory / Branch
Adelstein, Robert S. NHLBI Laboratory of Molecular Cardiology
Akiyama, Steven K.*  NIEHS Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis
Aladjem, Mirit NCI Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology
Ambs, Stefan NCI Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis
Ambudkar, Indu NIDCR Secretory Physiology Section 
Ambudkar, Suresh V. NCI Transport Biochemistry Section 
Appella, Daniel NIDDK Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry
Archer , Trevor K.* NIEHS Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis
Arthur, Larry O.* NCI AIDS Vaccine Program
Bagrov, Alexei Y.* NIA Hypertension Unit 
Bai, Yawen NCI Protein Folding Section 
Baird, Donna D.* NIEHS Epidemiology Branch
Balaban, Robert NHLBI Laboratory of Cardiac Energetics
Bandettini, Peter A. NIMH Unit on Functional Imaging Methods 
Barrett, Austin J. NHLBI Hematology Branch
Basser, Peter NICHD Section on Tissue Biophysics and Biomimetics 
Baxevanis, Andreas D. NHGRI Associate Investigator 
Belluscio, Leonardo NINDS Developmental Neural Plasticity Unit
Bernier, Michel* NIA Diabetes Section 
Bewley, Carole A. NIDDK Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry
Biragyn, Arya* NIA Immunotherapeutics Unit 
Birnbaumer, Lutz* NIEHS Laboratory of Signal Transduction
Blackshear, Perry J.*  NIEHS Program in Clinical Research, Environmental Polymorphism Registry
Blackstone, Craig NINDS Cellular Neurology Unit
Boheler , Kenneth R.*  NIA Molecular Cardiology Unit,  
Bohr, Vilhelm A.*  NIA Laboratory of Molecular Gerontology
Bonifacino, Juan S. NICHD Section on Intracellular Protein Trafficking 
Bonner, Robert F. NICHD Section on Medical Biophysics 
Bosetti , Francesca  NIA Brain Physiology and Metabolism Section 
Brooks, Phillip J. NIAAA Section on Neurobiology
Brosh, Jr., Robert M.* NIA DNA Helicases Unit 
Bryant, Stephen H. NLM Computational Biology Branch
Buonanno, Andres NICHD Section on Molecular Neurobiology 
Cadet, Jean Lud* NIDA Chief, Molecular Neuropsychiatry Section 
Cai, Huaibin NIA Transgenetics Unit 
Candotti, Fabio NHGRI Disorders of Immunity Section 
Capala, Jacek*  NCI Radiation Oncology Branch
Casellas, Rafael NIAMS Genomic Integrity Group
Castle, Philip E. NCI Hormonal and Reproductive Epidemiology Branch
Caughey , Byron *  NIAID Laboratory of Persistent Viral Diseases
Chiorini, John A.  NIDCR Adeno-Associated Virus Biology Unit,  
Chitnis, Ajay NICHD Unit on Vertebrate Neural Development 
Chun, Tae-Wook NIAID Immunopathogenesis Section 
Cohen-Fix, Orna NIDDK Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Cohen, Jeffrey NIAID Medical Virology Section 
Coligan, John E.* NIAID Receptor Cell Biology Section
Cookson, Mark R. NIA Cell Biology and Gene Expression Section 
de Cabo, Rafael* NIA Aging, Metabolism, and Nutrition Unit 
Dennis, Phillip A. NCI Signal Transduction Section 
Diamond, Jeffrey S. NINDS Division of Intramural Research 
Douek, Daniel NIAID Human Immunology Section 
Dudek, Serena M.  NIEHS Synaptic and Developmental Plasticity Group 
Egan, Josephine* NIA Chief, Diabetes Section 
Evans, Michele K.* NIA DNA Repair Unit 
Finkel, Toren NHLBI Molecular Biology Section 
Fischbeck, Kenneth H. NINDS Division of Intramural Research 
Fisher, Cheryl CC Program Director Professional Development
Freedman, Jonathan H.*  NIEHS Comparative Genomics Group 
Fugmann, Sebastian D.* NIA Molecular Immunology Unit 
Gardner, Kevin NCI Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression
Gearhart , Patricia J.*  NIA Unit on Antibody Diversity 
Geller, Herbert M. NHLBI Developmental Neurobiology 
Germain, Ronald N. NIAID Lymphocyte Biology Section 
Golden, Andy  NIDDK Laboratory of Biochemistry and Genetics
Gorospe, Myriam* NIA RNA Regulation Section 
Gottesman, Susan NCI Biochemical Genetics Section 
Graham, Barney S. NIAID Clinical Trials Core Laboratory & Viral Pathogenesis Laboratory
Greig , Nigel H.*  NIA Drug Design and Development Section,  
Grillon, Christian NIMH Affective Psychophysiology Unit
Gutkind, J. Silvo NIDCR Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Branch
Hallett, Mark NINDS Human Motor Control Section
Harris, Curtis C. NCI Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis 
Harris, Tamara B. NIA Geriatric Epidemiology Section 
Helman, Lee J. NCI Pediatric Oncology Branch
Holmes, Andrew  NIAAA Section on Behavioral Science and Genetics,  
Horwitz, Barry NIDCD Section on Brain Imaging and Modeling 
Hunter, Kent W. NCI Laboratory of Population Genetics
Jetten, Anton M.*  NIEHS Cell Biology Group,  
Kachar, Bechara NIDCD Section on Structural Cell Biology 
Kastner, Daniel NIAMS Genetics and Genomics Section
Keefer, Larry K.* NCI Laboratory of Comparative Carcinogenesis
Kelley, Matthew W.  NIDCD Developmental Neuroscience Section 
Kelsall, Brian L. NIAID Mucosal Immunity Section, Immune Cell Interaction Unit 
Kimmel, Alan R. NIDDK Molecular Mechanisms of Development Section 
Kleinman, Joel E. NIMH Section on Neuropathology
Ko, Minoru* NIA Developmental Genomics and Aging Section 
Kohn, Elise C. NCI Molecular Signaling Section 
Koonin, Eugene V. NLM Computational Biology Branch 
Korach, Kenneth S.* NIEHS Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology
Koretsky, Alan NINDS Division of Intramural Research 
Koup, Richard NIAID Immunology Laboratory 
Krause, Michael  NIDDK Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Kulkarni, Ashok NIDCR Gene Targeting Core Facility, ODIR
Lakatta, Edward G.* NIA Cardiac Function Section 
Landi, Maria Teresa NCI Genetic Epidemiology Branch
Landsman, David NCBI Senior Invesigator
Launer , Lenore J.  NIA Neuroepidemiology Section,  
Leonard, Warren NHLBI Laboratory of Molecular Immunology
Levin, Henry NICHD Section on Eukaryotic Transposable Elements 
Linehan, W. Marston NCI Urologic Oncology Branch
Lipkowitz, Stanley NCI Genetics Branch, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology 
Lippincott-Schwartz, Jennifer NICHD Section on Organelle Biology 
Longo, Dan L.* NIA Lymphocyte Cell Biology Unit 
Major, Eugene O. NINDS Molecular Medicine and Virology Section 
Markey, Sanford NIMH Laboratory of Neurotoxicology
Marques, Adriana NIAID Laboratory of Clinical Infectious Diseases
Masison, Daniel C.  NIDDK Laboratory of Biochemistry and Genetics
Mattson, Mark* NIA Chief, Cellular and Molecular Neurosciences Section 
Maudsley , Stuart R.*  NIA Receptor Pharmacology Unit 
Mayer, Mark L. NICHD Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiology
McBain, Chris J. NICHD Laboratory of Cellular and Synaptic Neurophysiology
McBride, Colleen NHGRI Social and Behavioral Research Branch
McKay, Ron D. G. NINDS Division of Intramural Research 
McNally, James NCI Fluorescence Imaging Facility
Metcalfe, Dean D. NIAID Mast Cell Biology Section 
Mindell, Joseph A. NINDS Membrane Transport Biophysics Unit
Mishkin, Mortimer NIMH Section on Cognitive Neuroscience
Moir, Susan NIAID Immunopathogenesis Section 
Morales, Marisela* NIDA Cellular Neurophysiology Section 
Morasso, Maria I.  NIAMS Developmental Skin Biology Unit 
Morin, Patrice J.* NIA Cancer Molecular Genetics Unit 
Moss, Joel NHLBI Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Branch
Murphy, Brian R. NIAID Respiratory Viruses Section 
Nabel, Gary J. NIAID Laboratory of Virology and Vector Core Laboratory
Nansel, Tonja R. NICHD Prevention Research Branch 
Nash, Howard NIMH Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Notkins, Abner L.  NIDCR Experimental Medicine Section,  
O'Shea, John J. NIAMS Chief, Lymphocyte Cell Biology Section 
Owens, Ida S. NICHD Section on Genetic Disorders of Drug Metabolism 
Pacher, Pal*  NIAAA Section on Oxidative Stress Tissue Injury, 
Pastan, Ira NCI Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Pine, Daniel NIMH Chief, Child and Adolescent Research 
Plotz, Paul H. NIAMS Arthritis and Rheumatism Branch
Poirier, Miriam C. NCI Carcinogen-DNA Interactions Section 
Polis, Michael NIAID Laboratory of Immunoregulation
Putney, James* NIEHS Calcium Regulation Section 
Rapoport , Stanley I.  NIA Brain Physiology and Metabolism Section 
Rehermann, Barbara  NIDDK Immunology Section,  
Rice, Kenner C. NIDA

Chief, Chemical Biology Research Branch & Drug Design and Synthesis Section

Rifkind, Joseph M.* NIA Molecular Dynamics Section
Rivera, Juan NIAMS Molecular Inflammation Section 
Robert-Guroff, Marjorie NCI Section on Immune Biology of Retroviral Infection 
Roche, Katherine W. NINDS Receptor Biology Unit
Rosenberg, Helene F. NIAID Eosinophil Biology Section 
Ryba, Nicholas  NIDCR Taste and Smell Unit,  
Sartorelli, Vittorio  NIAMS Muscle Gene Expression Group,  
Schaaper, Roel M.*  NIEHS Mechanisms of Mutation,  
Schlessinger, David* NIA Laboratory of Genetics and Human Genetics Unit
Schmidt, Peter  NIMH Behavioral Endocrinology Branch
Schwartzberg, Pamela L. NHGRI Cell Signaling Section 
Seidman , Michael*  NIA Section on Gene Targeting,  
Sellers, James R. NHLBI Cellular and Molecular Motility Section 
Sen, Jyoti Misra* NIA Lymphocyte Development Unit 
Sen, Ranjan* NIA Chief, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology
Sheng, Zu-Hang NINDS Synaptic Function Unit
Sherman, Arthur NIDDK Laboratory of Biological Modeling
Siegel, Richard NIAMS Immunoregulation Group 
Simons-Morton, Bruce NICHD Prevention Research Branch, DESPR
Singleton, Andrew B. NIA Molecular Genetics Unit 
Smith, Janine NEI Clinical Immunology Section 
Smith, Jeffrey C. NINDS Cellular and Systems Neurobiology Section
Soldatov, Nikolai* NIA Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology Section, Intramural Research Program 
Sollott, Steven J.* NIA Cardioprotection Unit 
Spencer, Richard* NIA Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Unit 
Steven, Alasdair C. NIAMS Laboratory of Structural Biology Research
Storz, Gisela NICHD Section on Environmental and Gene Regulation 
Stratakis, Constantine NICHD Scientific Director and Investigator
Swartz, Kenton J. NINDS Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Unit
Taub, Dennis D.* NIA Chief, Clinical Immunology Section 
Thiele, Carol J. NCI Cell and Molecular Biology Section 
Turner, R. James NIDCR Membrane Biology Section 
Usdin, Karen NIDDK Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Valenzuela, Jesus G. NIAID Vector Molecular Biology Unit 
Van Waes, Carter NIDCD Tumor Biology Section 
Vonderhaar, Barbara K. NCI Co-Chair, Breast & Gynecologic Malignancies Faculty 
Wainer , Irving W.*  NIA Bioanalytical Chemistry and Drug Discovery Section,  
Wang, Weidong* NIA Section Laboratory of Genetics 
Weigert, Roberto  NIDCR Intracellular Membrane Trafficking Unit 
Weng, Nan-Ping* NIA Lymphocyte Differentiation Unit 
Wilson, David M.* NIA Unit of Structure and Mechanism in Base Excision Repair 
Wingfield, Paul NIAMS Protein Expression Laboratory
Wolkow, Catherine* NIA Invertebrate Molecular Genetics Unit 
Wray, Susan NINDS Cellular and Developmental Neurobiology Section
Wurtz, Robert H. NEI Visuomotor Integration
Xiao, Rui-Ping* NIA Receptor Signaling Unit 
Yarchoan, Robert NCI HIV and AIDS Malignancy Branch
Young, Howard* NCI Cellular and Molecular Immunology Section 
Young, W. Scott NIMH Section on Neural Gene Expression
Zeldin, Darryl C.*  NIEHS Molecular and Cellular Biology & Environmental Cardiopulmonary Disease Groups 
Zoon, Kathryn C. NIAID Division of Intramural Research Section 
Zou, Sige* NIA Functional Genomics Unit