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NIH Academy Curriculum

The NIH Academy programs include the following elements.

The NIH Academy Roundtable

The NIH Academy Roundtable Sessions are one of the most exciting features of both programs.  Each roundtable consists of three sessions; allWhy do Native Americans have 3 times the rate f diabetes than the national rate? centered around one health disparity topic.  During session one, participants will engage in a journal club discussion of publications recommended by a leader in health disparities research.  In session two, that leader will visit the Academy and present a seminar.  The speaker will pose a question that addresses how we can reduce the gap in health disparities for that specific topic. NIH Academy members will discuss the question in peer groups and then engage with the speaker in a thoughtful discussion about what can be done to address the proposed question. In addition to the seminar, the NIH Academy Fellows will have the opportunity to interact informally with these national leaders in health disparities.  In session three, the Academy will host community professionals working directly with individuals impacted by the specific health disparity and learn how the research is impacting the actual community. 

The NIH Academy Health Disparities Short Course

The NIH Academy Health Disparities short course will provide an overview of the behavioral, social, and cultural factors related to individual and population health and health disparities throughout life. A prominent health scientist at the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) will lead the course.

View the NIH Academy Short Course, Part I, led by Dr. Paula Goodman.

NIH Academy Retreat

One of the highlights of participating in the NIH Academy is belonging to a close community of like-minded researchers, all interested in health disparities.  The NIH Academy one-day retreat is a series of interactive activities that will allow everyone to share their enthusiasm and ideas.

NIH Health Disparities Seminar Series

The NIMHD sponsors the monthly NIH Health Disparities Seminar Series.  This forum disseminates information on advances, gaps, and current issues related to health disparities research.  It features national and international health disparities research experts, including many funded by the NIMHD, other NIH Institutes and Centers, and Federal agency partners.  Each seminar focuses on a specific theme.

The NIH Academy Diversity Workshop

The NIH Academy Diversity Workshop is an interactive workshop that will examine the meaning of diversity in the lives of individuals, groups, and communities, as well as the larger society and scientific community.

NIH Academy Community Outreach Activities

Why do Vietnamese-American women have a cervical cancer rate nearly five times the rate of Caucasian women?One of the most rewarding aspects of the NIH Academy is the opportunity to engage in community outreach.  Previous community outreach activities have included participating in the AIDS Walk, volunteering at the Black Family Reunion, and distributing NIH health related brochures at the Langley Park Hispanic Festival.  Both NIH certificate candidates and NIH Academy Fellows come together to engage in these types of community outreach activities, working side by side with groups impacted by health disparities.

NIH Academy Community Organization Project

A new feature of the NIH Academy Fellows Program, but not the NIH Academy Certificate Program, is the year-long community organization project.  NIH Academy Fellows can work in a team or individually.  Examples of projects might include serving as a translator at the NIH Clinical Center, developing a health related outreach project for K-12 students or the elderly, or participating in an NIH IC's community outreach program. 

The NIH Academy Health Disparities Career Planning Workshop

The Career Planning Workshop provides a unique opportunity to develop a strategy for incorporating health disparities research into the profession you have chosen as your life's work.  The workshop will address what skills you have and want to use; how these skills "fit" with your values, preferences and lifestyle; and how you can best apply your skills.  A career plan involves knowing yourself, doing a reality check, identifying opportunities, and then setting goals.  The NIH Academy staff will help each participant identify health disparities opportunities such as fellowships, medical school programs, or professional training that will advance his/her career.  NIH Academy alumni have proven highly competitive when applying to health disparities programs.