An educational video to increase clinical trials enrollment among lung cancer patients.

Posted: Mar 28, 2010
J Thorac Oncol. 3. 1. 23-9.
KEYWORDS: Knowledge/Attitudes/Beliefs, Level of Clinical Trials Knowledge or Awareness, Consent, TV, Cancer


Educational video improves attitudes toward trial participation

Why this item may be useful

An educational video increased patients’ self-assessed likelihood to enroll in a clinical trial. This format of patient education has potential for universal applicability because of its low cost of administration and the low demands on patient and staff time.


  • A randomized trial was conducted to test the effect of the NCI video Cancer Clinical Trials: An Introduction for Patients and their Families on lung cancer patients’ knowledge and attitudes toward and enrollment to clinical trials. Patients in the experimental arm of the study were shown the video before their initial appointment with a medical oncologist.
  • The video provides an overview of the various clinical trials phases and the importance of clinical trials to society, in addition to addressing common patient concerns about trial participation.
  • Although enrollment rates were not statistically different between the two arms, more patients who had viewed the video enrolled to trials. (This pilot study was only powered to detect differences in enrollment of 20 percent or more between the two trial arms.)