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Last Updated: 04/25/2012


Contributed by Dr. Ed Korn

Dr. Ed Korn makes numerous invaluable contributions to the statistical planning, monitoring, and evaluation of the NCI’s national program of therapeutic clinical trials, as well as major contributions to the development of new statistical methodology for clinical trials. Recent contributions include discussions of:

  • auditing strategies for progression-free survival results in unblinded trials
  • new inefficacy/futility interim monitoring plans
  • the need to report inefficacy/futility interim monitoring plans in the reports of trial results
  • trial designs that utilize biomarkers
  • the uses of causal inference
  • outcome-adaptive randomization (a component of some adaptive trial designs)

Much of this research is performed collaboratively with other BRB members and is summarized elsewhere in this report. Dr. Korn has also led a project (and publication) to evaluate the accrual experience of NCI Cooperative Group trials, with the eventual aim of offering quality improvement to the clinical trials process. In addition, Dr. Korn continues his long-standing research on the methodology of analyzing health surveys.

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