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caBIG® Capabilities

caBIG® offers a diverse set of capabilities to meet researcher needs. Many are at mature development stages; others, although less actively developed, remain readily available. This page helps you find the capabilities you need.

Quick Links

Summary View of Popular Capabilities

The following table provides quick access to caBIG® tools. If you need help, contact Application Support.

Tools Tool Bundle Knowledge Center Information
caArray --- Molecular Analysis Tools KC
geWorkbench --- Molecular Analysis Tools KC
caTissue Suite --- Tissue Banks and Pathology Tools KC
Cancer Genome-Wide Association Scan (caGWAS) --- Molecular Analysis Tools KC
National Biomedical Imaging Archive (NBIA) --- Imaging Knowledge Center
caIntegrator --- Molecular Analysis Tools KC
cancerBench-to-Bedside --- caGrid Knowledge Center
Lab Viewer Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Management Systems KC
Cancer Central Clinical Participant Registry (C3PR) Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Management Systems KC
caBIG Integration Hub (formerly Lab Integration Hub and caXchange) Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Management Systems KC
Patient Study Calendar (PSC) Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Management Systems KC
Cancer Adverse Event Reporting System (caAERS) Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Management Systems KC
Cancer Central Clinical Database (C3D) Clinical Trials ---
Clinical Connector Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Management Systems KC
GenePattern -- Molecular Analysis Tools KC
LexEVS Server and APIs -- Vocabulary KC
BiomedGT Wiki and LexWiki -- Vocabulary KC
NCI Protégé -- Vocabulary KC

caCORE and Infrastructure

Many caBIG® tools connect to the caBIG® infrastructure through caGrid. Visit the caGrid Knowledge Center for more information.

NCI CBIIT has developed caCORE tools to provide to provide the building blocks for development of interoperable information management systems. Tools include:

  • EVS (Enterprise Vocabulary Services) for hosting and managing vocabulary.
  • caDSR (Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository) for hosting and managing metadata.
  • caCORE SDK and the GUI-based caCORE Workbench, and associated tools for model-driven software engineering.
  • caAdapter - Open source tool set that provides model mapping services, and facilitates data mapping and transformation among different kinds of data sources.

Other Ways to Find caBIG® Tools

caBIG® offers more than 40 open source tools to the community including those listed on this page. To explore all the tools, select from the following:

  • Search for Tools - search by keyword or other characteristics, including workspace, focus, compatibility, maturity, and architecture type.
  • View All Tools Alphabetically - See the list of available software tools, database technologies, and Web applications in the areas of clinical trials management, biospecimens, imaging, genome annotation, proteomics, microarrays, pathways, data analysis and statistical tools, data sharing, infrastructure, vocabularies, and translational research.
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