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The Wednesday AccrualNet Blog Post (02-06-13): AccrualNet--It's more than just content

Last Updated: Feb 6, 2013

Have you tried throwing a comment or question into cyberspace? If not, AccrualNet may be a safe place to try it.

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You may have noticed in the past couple of months that we have added several more education and training tools, materials to share, and brought considerable emphasis to the use of videos. This highlighting of tools and resources is intentional. We aim to bring to light items you can pick up and use right away in your clinic setting. We are building our content repository fast and furious to support you in your accrual role.  

But there’s another piece to the everyday pie. In what ways might you share these resources with others? How do you communicate basic information or talk about new ideas within and outside of your research team? And, most importantly, how do you get the answers that you need -- what's your go-to? 

Most of us rely on our traditional methods of sharing information: daily meetings, emails, newsletters, and the proverbial Monday morning conversations by the water cooler. But what about social networking? Have you considered it? Do you currenlty participate on any group sites or are a member of a Community of Practice?

We are venturing into this foray with our AccrualNet Communities component. We hope you will try it out. You can use AccrualNet to serve as another means of communication with those you know, but also with some you don’t—those who may work in complementary fields, or work across disciplines. Engaging the AccrualNet clinical trials community may get you the answers you seek from other experienced professionals who have already been there and done that.

Take a look at our video to see how you can use AccrualNet for more than just content. And don’t forget to share this resource with your colleagues! Just a quick word-of-mouth reference can help a clinical trialist in need.

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