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Concept Clearances

Concepts describe the basic purpose, scope and objectives of potential initiatives and represent an early planning stage for potential NCATS activities. Concepts are discussed with the NCATS Advisory Council and through other public venues. NCATS posts concepts discussed at recent Council meetings on this page. Council approval of a concept does not guarantee it will become an initiative. That decision is made based on scientific and programmatic priorities and the availability of funds.

Approved Concept

Strengthening Community-Engaged Research in the Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program
September 14, 2012

The development of innovative approaches to engage communities in research efforts and to improve the dissemination and implementation to the community of insights from NIH research are important for developing and implementing new preventives, diagnostics and therapeutics. Identification of major challenges to effective community-engaged clinical research and testing of strategies to overcome these barriers represent areas that could benefit from focused, highly innovative demonstration projects. View the concept proposal to learn more. Submit comments to Andrea Sawczuk.