November 2012

NCFY Recommends: National Runaway Prevention Month Is an Opportunity to Increase Your Outreach

National Runaway Prevention Month.Each November, National Runaway Prevention Month gives youth workers a platform to educate the public about the issues affecting runaway youth. Here are some links from organizer the National Runaway Switchboard that we think might be particularly useful for youth workers in November and beyond:

NCFY Recommends: Connecting Native American Youth to Their Heritage

Photograph of a young person dressed in traditional Native American clothing, including beads and feathers.November is American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, a time for celebrating the ancestry and traditions of Native cultures. Here are some resources that help young adults embrace their heritage and connect with peers throughout the year:

Right on the Money: Young Fundraisers Are the Best Fundraisers

Photograph of a teen girl holding out a donations box.If you've ever bought a box of Girl Scout cookies or paid a high school softball team to wash your car, you know that young people bring an almost irresistible something to fundraising. At the same time, young fundraisers pick up important skills, like setting goals, planning ahead, working as a team and making the case for a cause.

Enter the 2013 FYSB Mural Contest – Empower Youth and Brighten Your Space

Photograph of a muralWant to engage youth in a creative activity that helps them take ownership of their space? Enter your young people in the Family and Youth Services Bureau's Runaway and Homeless Youth Mural Contest. You could win the materials for youth to paint a mural in your program.

New National Research Agenda Aims to Increase Knowledge of Youth Homelessness

Image of report cover.Last June, when the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness unveiled its framework for ending youth homelessness, representatives from several youth-serving organizations presented feedback.

NCFY Recommends: Working With Schools to House and Serve Homeless Students

Image of report cover, Housing + High School = Success.When it comes to helping homeless youth finish high school, research has shown that stable housing plays an important role. But helping students who are on their own find and maintain safe, appropriate housing is easier said than done.

New Podcast: Training Youth Workers to Use an Evidence-Based Practice

Photograph of a young man talking with an adult.Recently, we spoke to psychologist Melanie Barwick about her research on how to prepare youth workers to use the evidence-based practice motivational interviewing in their work. In a new podcast, we continue the conversation with Barwick and one of the trainers she enlisted in her study.

Research Roundup: Why Do Young People Run Away?

Photograph of a teen girl crouching on the sidewalk, wearing torn jeans and no shoes.For people in the runaway and homeless youth field, it's the million dollar question: What makes a young person more or less likely to run away or leave home and become homeless? If we knew the answer, perhaps we could end youth homelessness entirely.

NCFY Recommends: A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Youth Gain Workforce Credentials

Photograph of a young woman in a science lab with an adult mentor. Title card reads Credentials for Youth: Success in the 21st Century Economy.Do you want to help youth find a career that matches their goals and interests instead of landing just any job? If you answered yes, you’re in luck. The U.S.

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