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Last Updated: 04/25/2012


Contributed by Dr. Yingdong Zhao

Dr. Yingdong Zhao conducts research on the development of statistical methods and bioinformatics approaches for using high-throughput data to identify cancer-specific markers that increase the sensitivity and accuracy of cancer diagnosis and treatment. His research also focuses on the development of statistical methods and immunoinformatic approaches for using genomic data and immunologic assays to elucidate the molecular events in T-cell immune response to pathogens in autoimmune processes and to identify molecular targets for therapeutic vaccines.

Dr. Zhao has participated in several collaborations with other NCI and NIH scientists and with national and international research groups. These research projects have been highly productive, resulting in 18 peer-reviewed papers in the past 2 years. The papers cover a range of topics, including the use of microRNA expression to distinguish histology and predict survival of patients with lung cancer, the development of gene expression profiles as predictive biomarkers for better understanding the determinants of response to immunotherapy in patients with metastatic melanoma, the combination of positional scanning peptide libraries, HLA-DR transfectants and bioinformatics to dissect the epitope spectrum of HLA-class II cross-restricted CD4+ T-cell clones, and computational methods for studying partial immunity and vaccination for influenza.

Dr. Zhao has continued to be actively involved in the development and support of BRB-ArrayTools, a software for microarray gene expression analysis. He has worked with Dr. Simon and developed a plug-in for BRB-ArrayTools including international dissemination of software for Least Angle Regression (LARS), which can be used to develop predictive indices for a continuous outcome using gene expression profiles. He has also involved in a project with Mr. Qi, Drs. Simon and Li in the development of a BRB-ArrayTools plug-in for non-negative matrix factorization of gene expression profiles. Drs. Zhao and Simon have continued to develop and enhance a data archive of publicly available gene expression datasets and corresponding clinical data for published human cancer gene expression profiling studies, which has been widely used in the research community, with more than 700 hits per month.

Dr. Zhao together with Dr. Simon and other BRB colleagues have continued to develop, enhance, and maintain programs on the BRB website for the design of clinical trials involving new drugs and predictive biomarkers. Dr. Zhao has collaborated with Drs. Hunsberger and Simon and developed a web-based planning tool for the design of integrated phase 2/3 designs. Together with Drs. Dobbin and Simon, Dr. Zhao developed web-based sample size planning software for developing classifiers using high-dimensional data. All of these web-based programs have been widely used and have hundreds of hits each month.

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