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It has been almost 50 years since a "minute chromosome" was first identified in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). This genetic abnormality, named the Philadelphia chromosome for where it was discovered, was the first genetic defect linked to cancer. Read the story »


Reverse Transcriptase Structure

Reverse Transcriptase: When Function Follows Direction
Getting into a host cell's genome can be a tough job for HIV.

alt text Taking Time-Lapse Genomic Snapshots of Cervical Cancer

HPV infection underlies the vast majority of cervical cancers.

alt text New Clues to Blocking Metastasis in Sarcoma

Cancer's wanderlust can be its most fatal feature.

alt text Recent CCR Awards

Recognized excellence in cancer research.

alt text Transposon, Regulate Thyself

Adding to the frenzy are genes that just cannot sit still.

alt text Finding What's Real, Functionally Speaking

Not all mutations are created equal.

alt text A Cancer Center Shines in Jordan

The King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) is a story of transformation and purpose-driven aspirations.

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Staff announcements and new tenure-track scientists at CCR.