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GPP Institutional Partnership

The NIH has established several formal partnerships with universities (domestic and international) that allow individuals to begin their PhD experiences from the start as a student in the Graduate Partnerships Program. For the institutional programs, individuals apply to NIH and university simultaneously and are considered both full-time students at the home university and NIH pre-doctoral fellows from the beginning of graduate school. Students fulfill their academic requirements at the university while performing all or part of their dissertation research at a lab in the NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP).

The OITE has developed a number of workshops, seminars and courses to enhance your experience at NIH. These events are designed to help transition you from student to colleague and give you the necessary tools and skills to take that next career step; whether it is in academia, industry, administration, science policy or any of the various paths that an advanced degree in the biomedical sciences can take you. Review the Event section to learn more about these opportunities.

Applicants must have received their undergraduate degree and provide an official transcript by the time of matriculation. Many applicants also have master's degrees and/or post-baccalaureate research experience.

The various Institutional Partnerships are administered through the OITE or a specific NIH Institute or Center (IC), and often have specific academic requirements and application deadlines. Please carefully review the following Web pages when considering your application to one or more of the programs. Contact either the OITE or the NIH-University Partnership Directors (PDs) with any questions or concerns.


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