SAMHSA Performance Measurement/GPRA Tools

The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993 seeks to shift the focus of government decision making and accountability away from a preoccupation with the activities that are undertaken—such as grants dispensed or inspections made—to a focus on the results of those activities, such as real gains in employability, safety, responsiveness, and program quality. Under GPRA, agencies are to develop multi-year strategic plans, annual performance plans, and annual performance reports.

All SAMHSA programs must collect and report performance data. These performance data are described in the Request for Applications. Programs that provide direct services to individuals (clients or participants) generally use the approved GPRA/National Outcome Measure tool for the appropriate Center. Programs providing other types of services, such as infrastructure development or technical assistance, generally use different tools/measures.

SAMHSA is in the process of implementing National Outcome Measures for all its programs. This site will be updated as new tools and information become available. For further information, contact your government project officer.

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Last updated: 1/04/2011