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Last Updated: 04/25/2012


The NCI Best Case Series Program New Protocol: A Retrospective Review of Cases of Cancer Patients Treated with an Alternative Regimen

NCI is committed to finding innovative, promising treatments for people with cancer. A research protocol entitled “NCI Best Case Series Program: A Retrospective Review of Cases of Cancer Patients Treated with an Alternative Regimen” provides a process for independent review of medical records and medical imaging from patients treated with unconventional cancer therapies to determine if NCI-initiated research on a specific intervention is warranted. The program has been in existence since about 1991 and approval of a new protocol allows for more details of the reviews conducted to be made available to the public through scientific publications.

Primary Objectives

  • To verify the pathological diagnosis of cancer
  • To verify objective changes in the tumor measurements during the time period of the alternative intervention
  • To verify the medical history

Secondary Objectives

  • To verify the progression-free survival time of individual patients
  • To verify the overall survival time of individual patients

Eligibility Criteria

  • Pathologically or cytologically confirmed diagnosis of cancer
  • Treatment with an alternative approach exclusively or ≥ 4 weeks after conventional treatment
  • Detectable disease prior to the start of the alternative treatment
  • Adequate documentation in the medical records of conventional and alternative regimens, and dates of interventions
  • Identifiable, objective changes in the malignancy during time of treatment

Program Outcomes

  • Potential recommendation for NCI-initiated research
  • Potential publication of NCI review in a peer-reviewed journal

For more information, contact:
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Case Review and Intramural Science Program
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