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National Lung Screening Trial (NLST)

  • Updated: 01/11/2011

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NLST Updates

2010 Updates

Earlier Information From the NCI Press Office

Published Results

Study Design

The National Lung Screening Trial: Overview and Study Design

Baseline Characteristics of Participants in the Randomized National Lung Screening Trial

Direct Mailing Was a Successful Recruitment Strategy for a Lung-Cancer Screening Trial

Chest Radiography as the Comparison for Spiral CT in the National Lung Screening Trial

Psychosocial and Behavioral Issues

Risk Perceptions Among Participants Undergoing Lung Cancer Screening: Baseline Results From the National Lung Screening Trial

Lung Cancer Screening as a Teachable Moment for Smoking Cessation

Technical Publications

Normalized CT Dose Index of the CT Scanners Used in the National Lung Screening Trial

Collecting 48,000 CT Exams for the Lung Screening Study of the National Lung Screening Trial

CT Quality Assurance in the Lung Screening Study Component of the National Lung Screening Trial: Implications for Multicenter Imaging Trials

Automated Matching of Pulmonary Nodules: Evaluation in Serial Screening Chest CT

Lung Cancer: Interobserver Agreement on Interpretation of Pulmonary Findings at Low-Dose CT Screening

Creation of a CT Image Library for the Lung Screening Study of the National Lung Screening Trial

Description and Implementation of a Quality Control Program in an Imaging-Based Clinical Trial

Accuracy of the CT Numbers of Simulated Lung Nodules Imaged With Multi-detector CT Scanners

Publications From the Feasibility Study for the NLST

Cumulative Incidence of False-Positive Test Results in Lung Cancer Screening: A Randomized Trial

Final Results of the Lung Screening Study, a Randomized Feasibility Study of Spiral CT Versus Chest X-ray Screening for Lung Cancer

Baseline Findings of a Randomized Feasibility Trial of Lung Cancer Screening With Spiral CT Scan vs Chest Radiograph: The Lung Screening Study of the National Cancer Institute

Diagnostic Procedures After a Positive Spiral Computed Tomography Lung Carcinoma Screen