Representative Phase 1 and Phase 2 Trials of the Kummar Clinical Team

New Agent/Combo Desired Effect
Pazopanib and Tivantinib Disrupts blood vessel formation and the MET pathway
MK-2206 and AZD6244 Disrupts both AKT and MEK pathways (Merck and AstraZeneca drugs)
Cyclophosphamide and Veliparib Damages tumor DNA and PARP inhibitor prevents its repair
EZN-2208 and Bevacizumab Disrupts cancer’s DNA replication with longer acting version of the active form of camptothecin 11 that inhibits topoisomerase 1 and blocks new blood vessel formation (Enzon drug)
Belinostat Turns silenced genes back on to limit cancer’s growth. Being evaluated in patients with liver abnormalities
Z-Endoxifen Disrupts estrogen-receptor-driven growth in patients with hormone positive cancers
Vorinostat Turns silenced genes back on to limit cancer’s growth; being tested as a treatment for adenoid cystic cancer, a rare disease
Phase 0 trial of IPdR Absorption, Metabolism, and Safety Tests whether IPdR is absorbed in humans to eventually develop it as an oral radiosensitizer
EZN-2968 Blocks the hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha (HIF) production (Enzon drug)
Indenoisoquinolines LMP400 and LMP776 Blocks topoisomerase 1 needed to cut DNA during cancer cell’s replication (non-camptothecin inhibitors)