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Updating or Configuring your Browser

Netscape Communicator

Wednesday, January 16, 2008ned from the DISA download site, if you already have a User Account. If you do not have a User Account with DISA, you may register here to get one. You may also download a copy of Netscape Communicator 4.x with Strong Encryption directly from Netscape

If your browser is Netscape Communicator 4.x with Strong Encryption, you have an approved browser. To verify that you have this version, go to "About Netscape" under the "Help" menu. Scroll down to the RSA logo on the left and look for the "Supports U.S. Security with RSA Public Key Cryptography" Message. If you see this message, you have the approved browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x (or higher) 128-bit version is also capable of accessing the site and encrypting the data.

To verify that you have the 128-bit version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to "About Internet Explorer" under the "Help" menu. Look for the words "Cipher Strength: 128-bit supported". If you see this message, you have the supported browser version.  If you do not see the words "Cipher Strength: 128 bits supported" then go to the Microsoft download site to obtain an Internet Explorer upgrade patch or complete new version that supports 128-bit encryption.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x is not supported. 

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