Single Cell Analysis

Program Snapshot

Many biological experiments are performed on groups of cells, under the assumption that all cells of a particular “type” are identical. However, recent evidence from studies of single cells reveals that this assumption is incorrect. Individual cells within the same population may differ dramatically, and these differences can have important consequences for the health and function of the entire population.



Program Highlights

The Annual Single Cell Analysis Investigators Meeting is scheduled for April 15-16, 2013. Please save the date!

The Single Cell Analysis Meeting will feature presentations and posters on the burgeoning field of Single Cell Analysis by funded grantees and invited speakers. Location, registration and additional details are forthcoming.


NEW PRESS RELEASE: NIH Common Fund announces awards for Single Cell Analysis. Read here.

The Common Fund’s new Single Cell Analysis program seeks to overcome current obstacles by focusing on opportunities in the following areas:

Evaluation of Cellular Heterogeneity, Exceptionally Innovative Tools and Technologies for Single Cell Analysis, Accelerating the Integration and Translation of Technologies to Characterize Biological Processes at the Single Cell Level, Workshop Series on Single Cell Analysis and Single Cell Challenges

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