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2010 NIGMS Funding Trends

The following data, generated by Dr. James Deatherage, are related to an NIGMS Feedback Loop post from January 7, 2011, on Fiscal Year 2010 R01 Funding Outcomes.

Bar diagram of 2010 competing applications

Figure 1. Competing R01 applications reviewed (open rectangles) and funded (solid bars) in Fiscal Year 2010.

Diagram of competing R01 funding curves for fiscal years 2006-2010

Figure 2. NIGMS competing R01 funding curves for Fiscal Years 2006-2010. The thicker curve (black) corresponds to grants made in Fiscal Year 2010. The success rate for R01 applications was 27%, and the midpoint of the funding curve was at approximately the 21st percentile. These parameters are comparable to those for Fiscal Year 2009, excluding awards made with funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Diagram of overall NIGMS expenditures on R01 grants in fiscal years 1995-2010

Figure 3. Overall NIGMS expenditures on R01 grants (competing and noncompeting, including supplements) in Fiscal Years 1995-2010. The dotted line shows the impact of awards (including supplements) made with Recovery Act funds. Results are in actual dollars with no correction for inflation.

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