Binational Agreement

NIDA, Italian Researchers Plan Collaborative Clinical Studies

News – Announces a new research collaboration and describes meetings held between NIDA officials and Italian researchers in November 2012.

Italy Translates NIDA Website as Part of Binational Agreement

News – Describes a NIDA Website that has been translated into Italian.

NIDA Participates in Italian National School on Addiction

News – Highlights NIDA’s visit to Italy to teach a module on drug abuse and addiction as part of a binational agreement with the country.

Dutch Addiction Program Hosts NIDA at Binational Workshop

News – Reports on the activities of a binational program to foster addiction research exchange and collaboration development.

NIDA, Dutch Research Organization Fund Three New Binational Research Teams

News – Describes the projects of three new research teams just awarded funding through a binational agreement between NIDA and the Netherlands to study drug abuse prevention and treatment interventions.

Spanish Drug Abuse Agency Supports Research Visits to NIDA Grantees

News – Announces a new opportunity for Spanish researchers that offers funding to support brief research visits with NIDA-funded investigators in the United States.

New Fellowship Opportunity for Mexican Postdoctoral Scientists

News – New fellowship program enables Mexican postdoctoral scientists to devote 12 months to drug abuse prevention research in the United States.


Binational agreements, partnerships, and other ongoing activities strengthen and stimulate international drug abuse research networks.

Researchers Attend Meeting on the Basic Parent Management Training-Oregon Model

News – Researchers met in Mexico to discuss family-based drug abuse prevention programs and a training model for positive parenting practices.

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