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The project to build and maintain the National Broadband Map has included thousands of people, organizations and companies across the country. The data, gathered every six months by each SBI grantee, presents a picture of broadband availability across every neighborhood in America. The Technical Overview section describes this process in more detail.

One of the most important methods used to validate information is your knowledge and experience. This participation will support continued improvements to the quality of broadband data in the United States. You can contribute to this process in several ways:

Confirm Information: When you search for broadband at your address or city, you will see the icons highlighted below. Each time you click on the "Yes" or "No" to confirm information, we make sure that this information will become available to the grantees updating this information in each state. You can also give us feedback on available speed when clicking on a provider to expand the information. This process, called crowdsourcing, is common throughout the Internet, and is a cost-effective method to provide feedback on large data sets like this one.

Add a Broadband Provider: If you search for broadband at your address or city and do not see your provider on our list, we ask that you add its name in the box like the one below. We will send this provider name back to the SBDD grantee in each state. If your provider is not listed, it may mean:

  1. Your provider may provide Internet access, but may not provide speeds fast enough to count as broadband.
  2. The SBDD grantee in your state contacted the provider, and the provider was unable or unwilling to provide information.
  3. The SBDD grantee did not contact this provider, but will be able to now that we have this information.

Broadband Dead Zone: If you search for broadband at your address or city and you don't see any providers on our list, or if you know that no one provides broadband to your address, we ask that you fill out the FCC's Broadband Dead Zone form.

Broadband Speed Test: Test your current broadband speed with the FCC's Broadband Speed Test. The speed test is anonymous, but does allow you to enter your address. This information will also help verify broadband availability in your area.

Mobile Broadband Speed Test: The FCC offers a Mobile Consumer Broadband Test for the Apple iPhone and Android mobile platforms. The official name of the App is the FCC Broadband Test. This tool can be downloaded to your Apple or Android enabled device by accessing the App Store on your handheld phone at either the Apple App Store or the Android app market.

Share: Share information about the map and your search results through email, Facebook, Twitter @broadbandmap (hashtag #nbmap), or other social networks.

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