How do I know what grades I qualify for?


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The following are general rules:

  • One can qualify for jobs at the GS-2 level with a high school diploma or as little as 3-months of general work experience. At GS-3 and GS-4 grade levels, more months of general experience is required. Starting at the GS-5 grade level, jobs generally require 1 year of specialized experience to qualify.
  • A degree but no specialized experience in a career field, makes one eligible for appointment at the GS-5 grade level. If you maintained at least a B average; were in the upper third of your college, university or major subdivision; or are a member of a national scholastic honor society recognized by the Association of College Honors Societies, you can start out at the GS-7 grade level.)
  • To qualify for jobs at the GS-7 and higher grade levels, background must include experience closely related to the work to be performed in the job for which you are applying.
  • One can qualify for GS-9 positions on the basis of a master’s degree, and for GS-11 positions on the basis of a doctorate.
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