Exchanging Email with US-CERT

When sending sensitive information to US-CERT via email, we encourage you to encrypt your messages. US-CERT uses multiple public keys based upon their purpose. If the purpose of your communication is a cyber security incident report, vulnerability report, or any other technical question related to cyber security, please use the following key:

Information about other keys can be found on Contacting US-CERT.

Receiving publications in email from US-CERT

US-CERT signs the email distribution of all US-CERT publications, including Alerts, Bulletins and Tips with the following key:

Verifying key authenticity

As a good security practice, users should be sure to validate public keys they receive and not trust unvalidated keys. Forged or expired keys may be found on public key servers. It is important to validate your copy of the US-CERT public keys to ensure they are legitimate. You can verify the fingerprints of the keys shown above by contacting the US-CERT hotline at: +1 888-282-0870.

Note: You can also verify the US-CERT Master Key-signing key signature on the keys listed above. We have generated an US-CERT master key that we use only as a key-signing key. Use this master key only for verifying other US-CERT keys: