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Angela Hrdlicka (DOI OIG)
Executive Director/Special Agent
912-267-3801 (office)
912-580-9410 (cell)
Email: angela.hrdlicka@cigie.gov

Tom Caulfield
Executive Director
CIGIE Training Institute
Email: tom.caulfield@cigie.gov

Mark Anderson (DoJ OIG)
Program Manager/Special Agent
912-261-3686 (office)
912-571-6686 (cell)
Email: mark.anderson@cigie.gov

Steve Bius (EPA OIG)
Program Manager/Special Agent
912-267-2523 (office)
Email: steve.bius@cigie.gov

Gina Owensby (OPM OIG)
Registrar / Management Analyst
912-267-3008 (office)
Email: RegistrarIGCIA@cigie.gov

Cindy Pangallo (HHS OIG)
Program Manager/Special Agent
912-280-5122 (office)
716-818-3433 (cell)
Email: cindy.pangallo@cigie.gov

Bob Ray (EPA OIG)
Program Manager/Special Agent
912-554-4473 (office)
Email: bob.ray@cigie.gov

Sue Wainright (RRB OIG)
Budget Analyst
Email: sue.wainright@cigie.gov

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