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Get the inside information on how different drugs can affect the brain and the body and what you can do to get involved.

For more resources, see the NIDA for Teens Web site.

BFF or the Ex?

Get the Facts

Anyone Can Become Addicted

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Check out the rest of the NIDA for Teens videos, or choose your own path with an interactive video series.

Get Involved

  • The Sara Bellum Blog - Follow Sara Bellum as she explores the cool things scientists are doing to learn more about drugs and addiction.
  • PEERx Downloads - From posters to buddy icons to iron-ons and more, these free downloads, you will be outfitted with tools that can help get the word out about the dangers of will help you spread the word about staying drug-free.
  • Drug Facts Chat Day - Have a question? NIDA scientiests have answers. Join Drug Facts Chat Day and find out what you want to know about drugs and drug abuse in real-time.

    Looking for Treatment?

    Use the SAMHSA Treatment Locator or 1-800-662-HELP.

    Prescription Drug Abuse

    Medicine Abuse Project - Drugfee.org
    Learn what you can do to
    prevent medicine abuse at
    Follow Sara Bellum on the NIDA for Teens blog
    National Drug Facts Week, Shatter the Myths
    Addiction Science Award