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U.S. Culture: Informal Discussion

Discussion Group/Brown Bag: Language Skills; American Culture

Jan 11, 2013

Speaker(s): Julie Gold, Professional Development Coach, OITE

Please join us for a one-hour lunchtime discussion on U.S. culture. Bring questions or comments about confusing or strange things you've noticed in the U.S. Whether you are new to the States, grew up in the U.S., or have spent many years here, you're welcome to come and share your thoughts and questions. Your husbands, wives, and partners are welcome to come, whether they're scientists or not--even if you can't attend (just let me know if a non-OITE person is coming so I can send a cancellation note if I'm ill: Feel free to bring your lunch and eat it while we talk. Questions about vocabulary/idioms/pronunciation are also welcome.

This discussion will be held monthly on the first or second Friday of the month. Please check our Web site for dates.

This session will be in Bethesda. We are continuing to expand our efforts to bring programming to other campuses.