August 2012

Bright Idea: Writing Workshops Can Be Fun and Therapeutic for Youth

Photograph of teens sitting at desks writing.The deadline for FYSB's essay contest for runaway and homeless youth is about a month away. To help you and your youth get writing, we're re-posting this 2010 article about running a writing workshop.

Right on the Money: Want to Build Your Endowment? Promoting Planned Giving May Be a Good Step

three stack of coins, increasing in height.Gail Perry has two charities in her will: Her church and her alma mater.

NCFY Recommends: New Study Links Teen Birth Rates with Dropping Out of School

Photograph of a teen girl holding a baby.Sixteen percent of births to teenagers occur in communities with low-performing schools. And many of the teen parents are high-school dropouts.

NCFY Recommends: Pregnancy Prevention Resources From the Office of Adolescent Health

Office of Adolescent Health.The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Adolescent Health promotes evidence-based approaches to teen pregnancy prevention.

Right on the Money: Three Easy, Low-Cost Strategies for Promoting Planned Giving

Photograph of a dollar bill folded into steps, with fingers "walking" up the steps.Welcome to part 2 of our series on planned giving, a category of philanthropy that includes bequests, gifts of stock, trusts and other more complicated ways of giving money.

NCFY Recommends: When Are Migrant Students Eligible for Homeless Education Services?

Photograph of a teen boy carrying a duffel bag and school books.With school back in session soon, this could come in handy: A new brief from the National Center for Homeless Education aims to help educators and service providers understand the federally funded education programs for migrant and homeless youth, so that

Right on the Money: Reboot Your Fundraising This Fall

We first published this post over a year ago, and we still think it contains great advice for youth-serving organizations. So we're re-posting it for your mid-August reading pleasure. (Cyndi Court moved to the Special Olympics last fall.)

Right on the Money: Be a Funding Detective and Find a Foundation to Support Your Cause

Lots of people, especially those starting up a new youth program, ask us how to find funding. So we're re-posting some advice we shared a few years ago.

Before youth-serving organizations apply for funding, they have to pinpoint likely donors. How to do that with no fund raising staff and barely enough time to get your to-do list done each day?

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