DEC/EC Meeting Notes

Monday, February 7, 2011 (11:00 – 12:00) -- Bldg. 31C, Conference Room 10


1.   New NEO Specialist Assignments

2.   New NEO Staff

Items for Discussion/Presentations:

 1.      Emoluments Clause and FGDA

2.      204(d) and Gifts of Attendance at Awards Ceremony 3.      Pre-clearance Issues 4.      Revisions to HHS Supplemental Standard of Conduct Regulations 5.      Awards Process


  1. All CY 2009 OGE-278s (filed in 2010) and attachments should have been sent to NEO for forwarding to OGC. If you still haven't sent yours, please make it a priority and send to NEO by the 24th.
  2. OGE-450s due 2/15 unless an extension is granted.
  3. HHS-521s due 2/28.  NEES should send a notice to those employees who submitted their HHS-520 requests electronically. An additional reminder would be helpful. 

Posted 2/10/11