NIDA Selects INVEST and INVEST/CTN Fellows

News – Announces NIDA International Program postdoctoral fellowships awarded to scientists from Indonesia, Ireland, and Ukraine.

New NIDA International Program Fellowship Application Deadlines

News – Announces new application deadlines for NIDA's INVEST, INVEST/CTN, and U.S.--Mexico Prevention research fellowships.

New INVEST Fellow Investigates Cognitive Enhancer

News – Announces a new NIDA INVEST Drug Abuse Research Fellow who will conduct drug abuse research with a mentor in the U.S. on methamphetamine dependence.

INVEST Fellow Translates NIDA Publications Into Farsi

News – Describes a group of Iranian drug abuse researchers who have translated NIDA publications into Farsi to make them more available to their research community.

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New Fellows Get Oriented to Research Resources in U.S.

News – Describes the 3-day orientation program for drug abuse and addiction research fellows supported by the NIDA International Program.

NIDA Announces Another INVEST Award

News – Hongqiang Sun, M.D., Ph.D., China, was selected to receive a 2010–2011 NIDA International Visiting Scientists and Technical Exchange Program (INVEST) Drug Abuse Research Fellowship.


NIDA Welcomes New Fellows

News – NIDA staff welcomed 26 fellows from 22 nations as part of an orientation for new drug abuse research fellowship awardees.

INVEST Fellow To Investigate Opioid Maintenance Treatment Adherence

News – NIDA INVEST fellow is investigate nonadherence to opioid maintenance treatment with buprenorphine/naloxone.

INVEST Fellow Validates Noninvasive Drug-Testing Methods

News – An INVEST Fellow developed and validated two new, noninvasive methods to quantify the level of licit and illicit drugs in biological samples.

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Fellowships are available for scientists at various stages of their career path to come to the United States and train with NIDA-supported researchers.

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