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Faculty-Level Scientific Careers

The story is told that once someone comes to the NIH to work, they never leave. Fortunately, that’s not completely true, since many of our trainees and investigators take (and share) the knowledge they gained during their time in the IRP to other research institutes, advancing the biomedical research agenda worldwide. But our researchers do put down deep roots.

Within our academic environment, your job would be to do research, with no obligation to write grants, and play a major role in training and mentoring the next generation of biomedical scientists. Each year we recruit for more than 30 tenured and tenure-track positions. They lead independent research laboratories within our Institutes and Centers in Bethesda, Maryland, and on campuses throughout the country.

The following is a list of current opportunities. Some open positions may be past deadline but still accepting applications.

Director-Level Positions

Branch Chief Positions

Faculty-Level Positions


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