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NIH is seeking community input on priority list for production of human transcription factors

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NIH is seeking community input on a priority list for renewable affinity reagents for human transcription factors

Concern regarding the lack of access to well-characterized, analytically validated and affordable renewable protein capture reagents has been expressed by the scientific community. In response to this concern, the NIH Common Fund launched the Protein Capture Reagents program to pilot whether a community resource of high quality, renewable affinity reagents can be economically generated and validated for all human proteins, and to develop technologies that will lead to next generation platforms for producing renewable protein capture reagents.  This pilot effort includes the generation of affinity reagents (monoclonal antibodies and recombinant Fabs) against all human transcription factors (TFs) as a test case. The Protein Capture Target List Working Group has generated a priority list of human transcription factor affinity reagents.  Here, we seek:  1) to receive public comment on the priority list, and 2) to encourage community involvement by assisting in reagent validation for multiple uses, the highest priority being  for ChIP-Seq.  The human TF priority list is below and is followed by fields to enter comments and/or express interest in collaborating with our production centers to further validate reagents.  We are also open to requests for additional TF reagents to be added to the priority list with justification. Make sure to submit your comments by clicking the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

The priority list will be updated on a quarterly basis.  If you wish to receive an e-mail notification when an updated priority list is posted to this site, please click here.  Information about completed reagents will be posted on the Protein Capture web portal (in development), and will be made available through the Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB) Exit Disclaimer at the University of Iowa.

Comments will be reviewed and offers for validations considered for merit based on their justification and contribution to the program.


Please direct all inquiries to:


The updated priority list of human transcription factor affinity reagents we are seeking public input on can be accessed via a searchable Excel file (please click here) or accessed electronically via the table in Section II below.

I. General comments on priority list (refer to Excel spreadsheet or list in Section II. below.) Please note, we are not requesting comments on the program itself:
  Add your comments below:

II. Specific comments on priority list (refer to downloadable excel spreadsheet and then select desired TF):
Q1. Are there TF reagents on the list that you think would be particularly useful for the community?
  To comment on a Reagent, please select the Reagent from the Priority List, then click “ADD.” You may select and add multiple Reagents.
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Remove Selected
  Q2. Why would the reagents you selected above be useful to the community? If you have selected more than one TF from the list above, please clearly indicate which TF you are discussing for each idea within your comment.
  Add your comments below:
  Q3. Are there other reagents you would like to see added, and why?
  Add your comments below:

III. Your interest in validating new affinity reagents (refer to downloadable excel spreadsheet and then select desired TF):
Participation of the user community will be critical for achieving extensive validation of these reagents. All validation data will be made available to the community through the Protein Capture web portal (in development). Validators will be contacted by members of the Protein Capture program staff regarding details of validation requirements.
  Q1. Can you offer to validate any TF reagents in your laboratory?
  Q2. What type of validations can you offer?
  Contact Information:
Note: Only the “Name” will be displayed on the website along with your comment. Institution, Email, and Other information will only be disclosed to program participants and will not be disclosed on the website.

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