Agenda and Notes -- DEC/EC Meeting

Monday December 6, 2010 -- 11:00 – 12:00 noon -- Bldg. 31, C Wing, Conference Room 10

 Items for Discussion/Presentations:

1.  Clarification regarding Gift Exchanges (PowerPoint slides attached; handout pdf format; see revised slides 22-25)  

 2.   OGE-450 Filing Criteria:   look to the function more than the position, e.g., holds a warrant (ability to make purchases over $3,000).  Kevette will send a list of current warrant holders.

 3.   Incorporating Authorizations into an Official Duty Memo: (for more information, contact your NEO specialist) 

4.   Committee Management Packages

5.   Case Study:  What, if any, approval is needed for an employee to create an app for a smart phone?


1.  Award Form is active in NEES.  Familiarize yourself with the form by going into NEESLab: (use NIH username and password TrainMe)

2.  Use the new WAG form (dated 08/09) and do not accept the previous version.

3. NEO Staff Changes

4.   Annual Ethics Training Completion Date:  December 3, 2010.  ICs should report to Genia those employees who have not taken the training; the reason for the non-compliance; and expected  completion date.

5.  CY ’09 OGE-278s (filed May ’10) should be certified by December 17, 2010.  Need help?  Call Elton or Linda in NEO.  Send original certified OGE-278s to NEO by December 31, 2010, Elton’s attention.

6.  2010 Annual Ethics Questionnaire will be released this week and is due January 14, 2011.  More info to follow.


From: Weaver, Gretchen (NIH/OD) [E]
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Subject: DEC meeting follow up

I had two follow up items on my list from yesterday:

Let me know if you have any questions.Thanks,

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Notes Posted 12/7/10