Indian Affairs | OPPM

Office of Planning & Performance Management (OPPM)

The Office of Planning and Performance Management (OPPM) provides guidance and technical assistance for Indian Affairs’ performance management, focusing on results and the efficient delivery of those results to improve organizational effectiveness.

OPPMs role includes administering the Indian Affairs Performance Management System (IA-PMS) to manage the development, validation and verification of Indian Affairs’ performance data; performance reporting to meet federal requirements such as Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), Performance Improvement Initiative (PII), and the Performance and Accountability Report (PAR); and working to provide timely and effective guidance on the requirements, processes, and benefits of performance management.

The Vision of OPPM is to provide Indian Affairs with a set of business processes and support tools to streamline performance data collection and reporting; facilitating transparency and accountability to Congress, the public, and the Indian Affairs community.