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Data Order Form

All HMDA and PMIC data and Census data products are posted to the FFIEC HMDA website as they become available. Mass production of CD-ROMs containing HMDA Aggregate and Disclosure (A&D) Reports and PMIC A&D Reports was discontinued with calendar year (CY) 2004 data. Mass production of the CD-ROMs containing the previous HMDA (or PMIC) Loan Application Register (LAR) and Transmittal Sheet (TS) Raw Data on CD-ROM software was discontinued with CY 2006 data. The CD-ROMs were replaced by posting the LAR & TS Raw Data Windows Application (one for HMDA and another for PMIC) on the Internet for free download (http://www.ffiec.gov/hmda/hmdaproducts.htm). In addition, mass production of the CD-ROMs containing the previous Census Data on CD-ROM software was discontinued beginning with CY 2007 data. It was replaced by posting the Census Windows Application for free download (http://www.ffiec.gov/hmda/censusproducts.htm#censusdata).

HMDA and PMIC data for a new year generally become available by September of the year following the calendar year of the data; data through CY 2011 are available. Census data generally become available in the second quarter of the current year, and data through CY 2012 are available. Please email HMDAHELP@FRB.GOV or view the Internet at http://www.ffiec.gov/hmda or refer to the HMDA Assistance Line at (202) 452-2016 for the latest release of the HMDA and PMIC data, and/or the Census application.

The data order form provides the available formats, and from whom the PMIC and Census data products can be obtained. For data or products on the data order form that are now available on the Internet and that you cannot obtain or download from the Internet because your PC may be without Internet connectivity, please fill out the Data Order Form then scan and e-mail to HMDAHELP@FRB.GOV (or you may fax it to 202-452-6497).
(A completed order form includes the shipment information page and pages that have the requested item(s). The omission of this information will delay your order).

All orders are completed and mailed within 8 to 10 business days, regardless of whether an overnight carrier is requested. However, every effort is made to complete and mail orders as soon as possible.

Available Formats:
* PDF File
* MS Word