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Inventory of Digital Information Resources for Researchers —
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Inventory of Digital Information Resources for Researchers

This living inventory is designed to provide the scientific, biomedical informatics, and Health IT communities with access to data from clinical research, biospecimens, in vivo images, molecular signatures, and population studies of multiple cancer types, as well as nanotechnology applications and reference information. Much of the data originates from key multi-institutional clinical trials supported by the National Cancer Institute, including the REMBRANDT, TARGET, and I-SPY studies, while other data are the products of such large-scale research initiatives as The Cancer Genome Atlas. In addition, data from dozens of academic medical institutions are included. Please use the link below to view a summary of these data in a Microsoft Excel file that can be downloaded. Instructions for using various APIs are also provided.


caBIG® Community Code Resource Directory

The caBIG® Community Code Resource Directory is intended to promote the exchange of community-developed digital capabilities supporting cancer research. The resources in this compilation are recommended by the community and will grow quickly to include capabilities across many biomedical domains. We encourage you to check back frequently as new resources are added.

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