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Quantum Dot's Learning Adventure


Meet Micro Chip!


Science Education

Meet Quantum Dot 

Would you like to know more about nanotechnology in health care? Click on the image to the right to meet Quantum Dot and Lil Blu. Learn why they glow, how they are used in biological imaging, and more. When you're finished watching the movie, do the Quantum Dot Crossword to see how much you've learned!



Meet Micro Chip

Don't miss hip, hip, Micro Chip in his debut music video! Click on the image to the right to learn what this cool point-of-care technology can reveal about your biology!

Want to know more? Read about microchip development being done in NIBIB's intramural labs by Dr. Heather Kalish. Also learn about NIBIB grantees Dr. Mehmet Toner and Daniel Haber and microchips they are developing to detect cancer cells at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.



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Last Updated On 10/14/2011