Drug Abuse Prevention Research Fellowship Trains "Next Generation" of Mexican Prevention Research Scientists

News – Discusses the research focus and accomplishments of the first U.S.–Mexico Drug Abuse Prevention Research Fellow, Dr. Argentina Servin.

Mexico City Meeting Spurs Local, International Action on Inhalant Abuse

News – Describes the program and outcomes of an international meeting on inhalant abuse held in Mexico City on September 17–18, 2012.

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Mexican Scientist Awarded New Prevention Fellowship

News – Highlights the recipient of NIDA’s Mexico Drug Abuse Prevention Research Fellowship and describes her research focus during the 12-month fellowship.

New Fellowship Opportunity for Mexican Postdoctoral Scientists

News – New fellowship program enables Mexican postdoctoral scientists to devote 12 months to drug abuse prevention research in the United States.

Steffanie Strathdee, Ph.D.; María Remedios Lozada Romero, M.D., Mexico; and Carlos Magis-Rodríguez, M.D., M.P.H., Mexico

Dr.s Steffanie Strathdee, María Remedios Lozada Romero, and Carlos Magis-Rodríguez received the 2009 NIDA International Program Awards of Excellence in Collaborative Research.

Researchers Attend Meeting on the Basic Parent Management Training-Oregon Model

News – Researchers met in Mexico to discuss family-based drug abuse prevention programs and a training model for positive parenting practices.

NIDA Supports Researchers at Hispanic Science International Conference

News – Sixteen NIDA-supported scientists presented their research earlier this fall in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the 2010 National Hispanic Science Network International Conference.

U.S., Mexico Issue Joint Declaration on Demand Reduction

News – The United States and Mexico have issued a joint declaration of cooperation to intensify efforts to prevent and treat substance abuse disorders.


Fellowships are available for scientists at various stages of their career path to come to the United States and train with NIDA-supported researchers.

Ongoing Activities

The International Program works with international organizations to promote drug abuse and addiction collaborative research.

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